Thursday, 31 October 2013

Key Competencies Self-Assessment

I am beginning the process of compiling all of our results to write our reports.  I am interested to see where you would assess yourself. These are the questions that are in your reports: Remember to answer honestly.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

STAR Results

I am very proud of our efforts e9!  We have been working so hard with our learning this year and it has paid off.  We completed our STAR (Reading Assessment) last week and have, collectively, made some great progress!

Here is the Year 5 from Term One:

Here is the Year 5 from Term Four:

Here is the Year 6 from Term One:

Here is the Year 6 from Term Four:

Well done TEAM!  I am so proud! Kia kaha!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Persuasive Writing

This week we had a Writer's Club focus on persuasive language.  Georgia chose to present hers as a movie. I love the song!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Writer's Club Focus: Personification


A fragile winter butterfly
Flutters from the sky
So soft and yet her heart
Is cold and made of ice
But if I warm it
She will melt and die


Author:  Elaine George

Today, we used this example of personification to help us understand how it works.  Personification is when you take something that is not alive (like a snowflake) and give it life-like qualities (flutters, heart, die).  How have you used personification before?  Where have you seen it?  

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Learning Specials

Here is a screenshot of a Learning Conference with Sophie, Malachi and James.  They have written a 'proposal' to show how they want to share their learning.  Great proposal guys! You are really showing that you are in control of your learning.  I am looking forward to seeing the end product.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Mid-Week Check

Here are the Learning Priorities for Literacy (Reading/Writing) and Maths.  We are halfway through the week.  How are you getting on? These are our learning priorities to be completed by Friday.

Monday, 14 October 2013

"e9" Learner centered: Learning centered

Kia ora whanau! Welcome back to Term 4.  I hope you have had a great break. Term 4 is going to be amazing! I am really looking forward to tackling all of your challenges with you.

Today we implemented a 'Mi Plan' - a self directed learning plan that empowers the learners in e9 to chose their learning pathway.  It was a great success!  I am stoked!  I enjoyed working with all of the children who chose to come to the mat for their learning.  I would love to here any feedback about how you found it?

We have been looking closely at our goals in reading, writing and maths.  I used this TV commercial to help inspire us about making goals for our learning.

If these people were learners, it's like they have come across a problem with their learning.  They're stuck.  What is their goal?  To get off the escalator.  How are they going to action it? With one step at a time (to walk).  Us in e9, need to become e(xtreme) problem solvers to overcome blocks in the road. 

So this week, you should see our learning goals have 'action steps'.  Please help your child develop learning goals within reading, writing and maths.  And talk to them about what they could do to solve a problem.  If we, as learners, don't know what our goals in learning are, then we will end up like the people unable to walk off the escalator.  Let's be amazing!

Class Dojo:
Here is a screenshot of our class dojo points. When you get 20 points, you get 10 minutes free time.  Keep it up team and remember to find your hat by the end of the week!

Using commas when writing big numbers