Friday, 28 November 2014

Last round of Seed to table

We loved the menu today! Thanks Joy and the kitchen crew we had a fab time. 

We all learned something new, did something new and tried something new!

We look forward to next week to do it all again. 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Episode 2! 8001Listen

Hey everybody! We have put together Episode 2 of [8Double01Listen].  We have had a lot of fun creating it... Enjoy!  How can we improve?

Ebony and Troy's Whanau hit up Foxton Beach

On Monday, Troy and Ebony took their classes to Foxton Beach for Beach Ed day to continue our learning around Keeping Ourselves Safe that we have just completed. We worked with 3 junior lifeguards to learn about beach safety and played some fun games down at the beach. We were pretty lucky to have such a spectacular sunny day to frolic in the ocean and get smashed by the big west coast waves! Thanks heaps to all the parents who came and had a swim with us, hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we all did.

Capacity and measurement

We have been learning about capacity during maths with Nic's measurement group. We investigated the capacities of different sized containers. Today we wrote up our investigations to help us move this learning into our brains.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

RSS Radio Reading Inquiry

Kia ora Team,

During our reading session we have been exploring using the radio station to improve our reading and others' reading. 

We have been working really hard to build an audience but it did not take off the ground.  Good learning some would say.

So we have steered into a new direction and used video to create our radio station and it has seemed to catch on a bit more...

Please watch this with your class and give us any feedback or feedforward.

Nga Mihi

Monday, 17 November 2014

Revising a Song for Kapahaka

Remember their are some words that we are fine tuning. We found that it is hard to UNLEARN something but here it is for you to practice at home.

Cycle Wise Starts this week.

Today we had our first lesson with Helen our local education police officer. We learnt about what helps keep us safe on e road. We really enjoyed practicing how to ride around a roundabout using our arms as indicators.

Wednesday we will be bringing our bikes along for a practical session. So don't forget your bikes and helmets Poutama!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Are you an Innovator?

In Eb's reading group we have embarked on an inquiry to get lines painted on the field for sports. We have researched, planned and measured out how it will look. We have talked to David, Ivan and the builders in our school working on the new art space. We are now getting our old line marking machine cleaned up ready for the job. Thanks to Ivan!

So while we wait we looked into some other 'kid innovators' who are making a difference for themselves and in their communities.

We found this one about Caine. We all think he is amazing!

We also read about a girl in Texas who is now a millionaire which started as an innovation when she was nine.

We learned that you can never be to young to be an innovator.

Like the article says....

"Who knows, maybe you have an idea percolating away in your brain!"