Thursday, 31 March 2016

Post Easter Goals!

Yesterday, we had REAL cognitive wobble trying to understand what cognitive wobble is!

Yay!  That's what we want to happen all of the time!  Kids making their brains work hard in their learning.

Wednesday's goal was to be open to the cognitive wobble.

Thursday's goal was to respond to any feedback and feedforward that is received.

This was a great opportunity to go through the comments left by students and teachers on our blogs to respond to them.  

We decided that 'to respond' means...
* to reply
* to acknowledge
* to answer

Check out the responses that we have made on our personal blogs.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Thursdays Goal

Todays goal is:
" I know what my Blockers and Drivers are"
Things to think about:
-What to do if you are sitting near a blocker. How could you let them know.
-The things make you become a driver for others.

Do you think Donkey is a Blocker or a Driver for Shrek?

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Wednesdays Goal

Our goal today is:

"To have a growth mindset. To understand that if I don’t know something yet, they I can learn how to do it"

Some of us did a lot of work around having a Growth Mindset last year in Poutama. We found this video called the Death Crawl from the movie Facing the Giants. 
In what ways do you think a growth mindset is shown?


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Tuesday's Goal

Our goal today is:

"To use and move around the learning space using appropriate volume with an awareness of other learners."

We think that this is an important goal so that people can concentrate and get their work done. We think that this goal will help us to focus and get our work done.

We think that this will sound different at different times of the day.  We might hear a low flow hum so that just the people around you can hear.  We might hear formal normal so that a big group can hear.  We might hear loud crowd if we are presenting to the whole class.   We might hear silence is golden when you are in flow.  We will hear on-task talking.

We will be aware of people around us and if they are in the flow of their learning, we won't disturb them from this.  We want to help people be a driver not a blocker.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Monday's Goal

Today's goal is...

To have a can-do attitude and come ready to learn. 

What does this look and sound like for us in Poutama?

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Friday's Goal

What a great start to our goal focus today in Poutama.  Have you had the opportunity to browse through the tweets on the sidebar?  I'm sure you will enjoy reading through them.  

Today you have walked the walked, now can you talk the talk (make any changes that you need to make)?

Friday's goal is...

To make good choices about your independent learning activities so you can meet the weekly requirements.
We think that we will see...
* People being drivers and sitting next to drivers
* People being on task
* People being courageous learners - some of us need to be by ourselves.
* People being focused on their learning
* People showing active listening

We think that we will hear...
* low flow hum
* on task talk
* people responding to learning conversations
* silence is golden in some areas
* good questions being asked
* conversations about learning

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Guess what...

Now that we are back from camp, we are starting something new!  We will be having a Poutama goal of the day.  We will be talking about it, pulling it apart, looking for it, reflecting on it and aiming for it!  

Our first goal is....

To be ready to listen, share and contribute when you join the class or a group.

What examples will we have of this tomorrow?  Who will shine?  Who will we learn from?  What will the result be when we do this together?

Watch our Twitter accounts (on the sidebar) for our reflections just before lunch each day.

We decided that this will look and sound like the following:

Look like
  • Looking at the person talking (active listening)
  • Everyone contributing
  • Silent hands
  • You are prepared with everything you need
  • Sitting in places where I know I can focus
  • Taking turns, being patient

Sounds like:

  • Asking questions
  • Quiet (or one person talking at a time)
  • Collaborating, talking to each other,
  • Low flow hum / focused and on task
  • “Piggy backing” ideas or adding to others’ ideas
  • Sounds like giving comments / feedback / feedforward
  • Accepting ideas

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Enviro Wednesday

Each Wednesday, 3 of our students spend time with Joy's Enviro class to work on a special project to enhance the environment at Russell Street School.  This week Gaby, Angus and Caitlin had their turn!  They were busy making signs for our class/buddy gardens.  Have you spotted any of these around the grounds yet?  Perhaps you could go on a hunt to see if you can find them all!