Thursday, 23 April 2015

Discovery Time

Today we started back into DISCOVERY TIME! 

These boys were inspired by ANZAC day and have made trenches and guns. 

DT encourages lots of time to be creative. 

These boys are showing excellence by pushing themselves to the limit with Ripper Rugby. 

We have shown agency by putting ourselves in the pit with the beebots. Can you think of thd instructions that will get a beebot from one place to another along the track?

We had heaps of fun learning about inspiring creativity, excellence and agency!

100 year old NZ Flag

A big thank you to Mr Bovey who brought in a flag from World War 1. It was the only NZ flag to fly over our ANZACS near the mess hall at one of the camps. It was brought back by a soliders whose job was to pack away the gear when the war was over. It has been in his family ever since. 

The most interesting part about this flag is that it is red and not blue. Poutama, can you remember why?