Friday, 5 April 2013

The Hongi

I was very proud and impressed how e9 behaved when learning about how to hongi.  It was out of our confort zone and we were very mature about it.  We talked about a hongi as being a ritual that was special and respectful.  We compared a ritual to taking shoes off inside or eating dinner at the dinner table together - it is something that is special because it is believed to be respectful.

You use a hongi when you formally greet someone on a Marae or during a Powhiri.  But some people hongi as a standard greeting!  It is ok to shake hands and make eye contact.  Thanks for sharing our learning Wise Owls and Bright Bugs!



  1. wow that was different some of us only shook hands!

    Lili :)

  2. Well done everybody you should all be proud with the way you are all learning.