Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Interschool Cross Country Recount

HONNNNKKKK!!! The load horn sounded. The fastest 5 from 21 schools. 105 children are pushing and shoving as we were sprinting down the field toward the logs. We could hear the cheering crowd, as loud as the audience at a Stan Walker Concert.
Running across the road we turn towards the brown, sloppy, smelly puddle. Ooops! People fall over near us, their whole body, even their face is covered with the brown, sloppy mud. Bursting for breath we now run up the long hills and in the distance we could see another puddle…
Running down the steep stoney hills, we run faster and faster trying not to trip. The electric fence is ticking like an olden day clock, we feel worried and head for the middle of the puddle to avoid  it.
Finally we are running down the finishing straight, people are trying to pass us. We pass others. We are so tired, we can hardly pick up our legs. They feel like soggy pieces of bread. we feel as slow as a tortoise. People are encouraging us as we run. Pushing us on.
We see people on the Massive, Massey University field gasping for breath. We feel like we’re going to faint as we puff across the line. We feel proud and happy for all the other people, like Georgia who came 6th and Jocob who came 17th.
Happily we climb back on the bus with Cloverlea school, proud of our achievements on an exciting but scary day.
By Aroha, Georgia, Maia, William and Salah (Rm 9)

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