Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Doodle for Google

Thanks to Stephen who put us on to this!  The Doodle for Google competition is something that is gaining popularity each year! It's where school students get a chance to design the Google Logo to match the theme.

This year the theme is: "If I was an explorer, I would..."

This is an amazing and intriguing theme and it has sparked the imagination of the learners in e9!  Click the image below to get some inspiration:
There's heaps to discover and explore!  Check out the details below, just click on the image below to check out the details and history of the competition. I have registered our school so don't worry about registering.  After the holidays we will be compiling all the entries and submitting the best 30.

Write a 50 word explanation about your d4g.  Make sure you stick to your theme.

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