Monday, 23 September 2013

WALT Explain - using maps to plan for writing

Going through our writing samples and assessments, I have noticed that we need to do better at planning our ideas into paragraphs:

The sentences in a paragraph should all have the same idea; they should be connected.  If your paragraphs only have 2 sentences in them, you probably need to add a couple more.  Remember, all sentences don't need to be long and detailed. You can keep some of them short and sweet.

Here is an example of a fishbone map that we are using this week.  Each big bone is the "main idea" of the paragraph.  Each little bone is a sentence that connects to the main idea. We planned this together, as a class, so now you just need to follow the words around.  Each word needs a sentence or two, to explain it.

*Sorry for the typo; 'SCIENCE'

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