Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Term 3 Inquiry

Apologies for the late blog update, we have had an extremely busy yet focused beginning to our term. We are really striving towards reaching that next level in excellence. But more about that later...

Term 3 sees us combining the strengths, passions and interests of the teachers in the senior senior team. We are delighted to welcome Kerri and Stephen to our tribe of learners to deliver a guided inquiry based on the arts, technology and cultures of the world. 

We are within the "get it" phase of inquiry where we are saturating ourselves with knowledge. After this stage the children will get to choose a teacher and subject (one they find interesting or are passionate about) so that they can delve deeper in the inquiry. This we are naming the "sort it" phase.

The "use it" phase will look like Teachers guiding learners through this process and negotiating an appropriate 'action' with the learners who have chosen to work with them.

Check out some of the learning we have completed so far:

Elly's Mexican influenced art: learning about colours, composition and symbolism.

With Nic, we are learning about using levels, symmetry, time, levels, focus, movement and accepting ideas to create a story using dance/drama.

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