Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Growth MIndset vs Fixed Mindset in Poutama

Today we experienced what it is like to be in the learning pit by making a 'Flick-Flack'. It was hard, it was frustrating, it was plain annoying. It was the type of task that made you want to explode!

We knew that giving up was NOT an option. We showed a growth mindset and kept up the hard work, making mistakes, giving it another try and eventually we did it.

The feeling was overwhelming. We felt success, accomplishment and proud of our achievement. We never would have felt these things if we had just been given the answer at the beginning or given up!

Through grit, determination and hard work we did it, and on our own.

Here is a photo of Zac's 'Flick-Flack' that we wrote some of our feelings on.

Check out this story called The Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spiers. It is a great example of how having a growth mindset attitude can help you achieve your goals

We came up with some statements that turned a 'Fixed Mindset Statement' into a 'Growth Mindset Statement'. Check them out...

We look forward to practicing a Growth Mindset attitude in our learning from now on!

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