Friday, 19 June 2015

Interschool Cross Country

Interschool Cross Country 2015

On Wednesday the 17th of June, 20 Year 5/6 students went to a farm out the back of Massey University to compete in the Manawatu Interschool Cross Country. The event was put off a week because the previous week it was scheduled for, it was pouring down.

The course was very challenging as it had several large hills and swampy ground everywhere. The total length of the race was 3.2km. At the starting line, the competitors lined up gazing upwards at the enormous hill looming right in front of us. We were thrown in 'The Pit' straight away as the starter fired his gun and we had to grind our way up that mountainous trek.

The course was the same length for the Year 5's as it was for the Year 6's. However because the Year 5's ran first, they messed up the grounds, making it more challenging for the Year 6's in their event. On completion all the runners came back with half the course attached to their clothing and stunk worse than if they had rolled in cow dung! I'm sure you can imagine the stench on the bus ride home!

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