Monday, 2 May 2016

Having a Sense of Urgency

We know that having a sense of urgency means to move with purpose. Some examples are... 1. When we put our brainfood rubbish away, we need to do it quickly and get back to our learning. 2. When we are moving around the class, we walk quickly to get to where we need to be. 3. When the music is on, we come to hui and we get there quickly. 4. When there is a fire drill, we walk purposefully to the meeting spot. 5. When we need to line up to go somewhere, we line up quickly. In our learning, we will see... 1. People sitting next to drivers not blockers. 2. People meeting their deadlines. 3. People having everything they need to get their work done. 4. People getting straight to the learning task. 5. People knowing when their workshops are and getting to them on time. We want to maximise our learning time!

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