Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Bill Nye the Science Guy

This week we are writing about how evaporation works based on one of our wonderings from last week.  Check out this informative and entertaining video to see "what the matter is" - Get it?

One of our writing goals is to re-read and re-craft our writing for accuracy and I am carefully modeling how to do that.  Here is Aroha's introduction to her writing after we have re-read and re-crafted it.  Black is the first draft, Red is the second draft and purple is the third.

If you know what matter [is], means then you're AWESOME but if you don’t know what matter is then keep reading. [And you’ll become awesome!].

Matter is, well, everything. Everything you can see and touch is matter. They are so small tiny, they are practically invisible. So you can’t see them with your naked eye. (Just your eyes). [ANnaked eye is when] This means that you don’t have use any microscopes or anything like that to see look closely.  Therefore, you will need a microscope to see spot them.

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