Thursday, 27 February 2014

Swimming Sports: A Great Success

Well done to everybody who got involved at today's swimming sports! What an amazing day of healthy competition, panekiretanga (striving for excellence) and kotahitanga (togetherness). Cheers to Ebony for her great leadership and organisation of the day and also the parents who jumped up to help out. Another great reason why Russell Street in an amazing place to be involved in! I hope you all have something that challenged you and something you were proud of from our experience.

Nga Mihi


  1. Swimming Sports was so much fun.
    I can't wait till swimming interschools.
    I think everyone did really well and tried there hardest.
    GO KEA

  2. There is some awesome fast swimming going on they are swimming so fast they could beat a fish at swimming ,The crowed is going wild go kereru

  3. There is some awesome fast swimmers that they could beat a fish at swimming , the crowd is going wild go kerearu

  4. well done rss. What can you get better at in swimming?

  5. everyone tried there best even if they where in fun race because they also had witch is the main thing FUN i had so much fun .

  6. I think that we did a really good job at swimming sports, my favourite part was when we went to the esplanade and my friends encouraged me on the flying fox. I think that next time I would like to try harder and try to win a race.