Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Trust Walk

Today Ebs and Nic's whanau classes were learning about building trust. I was very proud of how you gave instructions clearly and safely. It was lots of fun! Even Ebony had a go at challenging herself! 

How does trusting someone help with your learning? 

How does being trustworthy help with your learning?


  1. This task was hard but if you really trusted someone then you should be fine

  2. How does trusting someone help you with your learning? It helps you by building conferdence in your learning because you have some to trust. You also rely on them to help you with your learning if you need some help.
    How does trustworthy help you with you learning? It helps by being there to support others in there learning.

  3. That was challenging. When I was going up the stairs it felt like it was going forever.

  4. It was so fun and scary to trust that person :)

  5. When you are doing a thing with someone you would need to trust them not to have fights with you in your learning.

    Being trustworthy means that people would want to work with you and you can support them as well.

  6. So true! You guys have really thought quite deeply about this 'trust' thing! Well done! Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  7. That was so fun when we did it was the best it was fun guide ing Maraki. From jett.