Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Callum's Experience with an Olympic Athlete

Simon van Velthooven is an inspiring speed cyclist. He came to our school and told us all about his life and his Olympics experience. As a young boy attending Kopane School, every school day he would bike about 8 km to school and he loved biking to school. One day an athlete came to his school and he was a speed cyclist and he inspired Simon to take his cycling to the next level. A few years later Simon is going to the Olympics biking 1km in 1 minute to earn a bronze medal. He says if you want to do something stick with it and try your hardest. At assembly he let us hold his Handle bars and helmet. One of the things that he talked about was his bronze medal. He was was talking about how happy he was and how hard it was to get bronze. I know that feeling because, in the tennis semi finals, I came third in the whole Manawatu for my grade.  It feels like like all the weight is gone off your shoulders.

By Callum.


  1. Wow that looks awesome but how heavy is it to hold
    But really liked how you had a lot of writing so I can get an idea of it

  2. The meddle is pretty heavy don't you think.

  3. What did it feel like to hold the medal.

  4. Hey Callum when did you win a medal amazing.