Sunday, 30 March 2014

Seed 2 Table - Rotation 2

We had a great start to our Seed 2 Table rotation on Friday.  Check out the photos here.

You will notice that on the Priorities and Specials for the week, there are 2 Priorities if you are in the current S2T rotation.

The first is to find a plant that you can take a photo of every day this week.  On friday, we will be looking at the changes that you notice in your plant.  (Remember that you will notice changes in a small plant more than a large plant).

The second priority is to draw a detailed diagram (with labels) of a plant.

I have also added a Special.  Would you like to see a dicot form?  There are some Sweet Pea seeds in P1.  Put 5 or 6 on a wet paper towel in a shallow container (see the Science cupboard).  Observe over the next few days to see what happens.

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