Friday, 20 June 2014

We are learning about Integrity

Yes! This term we have been learning about an important value: Ngakau Tapatahi or Integrity.

 Could we imagine a world without integrity? It wouldn't be a pretty place. So we have been exploring ideas and concepts about how students could show integrity in our environment.

 Once again, we are blown away by the range of creative responses to this activity. There is definitely not a "one size fits all" approach. Well done everybody!

 Parents, you should see the below criteria on your child's blog (or very similar). The criteria should be someway highlighted (or bolded) as a 'self-assessment'. Also parents, we'd love to hear how you might use Integrity in a real life setting. Please write a comment so we can learn about integrity in the "real-world".

 Task: Create your own short movie about integrity
- Work in 3 or 4’s In your video you need to:
- Show an example of Integrity

 You will be assessing yourself on these criteria:

What makes a good video: (Please Highlight Yellow for can, Pink for need to work on):
- conveys a clear message
- clear voices
- different camera angles
- Still camera skills
- mute background noise
- mixture of still and moving images
- background distractions
- music

 You will need to write a post about your movie. It will need to include:
- In your own words, explain what is integrity?
- Explain why your clip is showing integrity
- For example, Integrity is... You can show integrity by... or... It is important to show integrity because...

 Self evaluation: What are you proud of? What do you need to work on?

 Peer Feedback/feedforward: I like the way you... Next time you could...

 Check out these awesome samples:

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