Thursday, 6 November 2014

Are you an Innovator?

In Eb's reading group we have embarked on an inquiry to get lines painted on the field for sports. We have researched, planned and measured out how it will look. We have talked to David, Ivan and the builders in our school working on the new art space. We are now getting our old line marking machine cleaned up ready for the job. Thanks to Ivan!

So while we wait we looked into some other 'kid innovators' who are making a difference for themselves and in their communities.

We found this one about Caine. We all think he is amazing!

We also read about a girl in Texas who is now a millionaire which started as an innovation when she was nine.

We learned that you can never be to young to be an innovator.

Like the article says....

"Who knows, maybe you have an idea percolating away in your brain!"

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