Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Episode 2! 8001Listen

Hey everybody! We have put together Episode 2 of [8Double01Listen].  We have had a lot of fun creating it... Enjoy!  How can we improve?


  1. Well done, I think this is a big improvement from our 1st video! Next time The LOL ( League Of Legends) Video could be a lot shorter becasue we had to skip some because it took to long. But you were very clear which as great. In toms sports couch one, Someone coughed at the start And was talking through out the video, But you where also

  2. I think we could improve it by making it shorter

  3. I think the we did a good job. The only way we can improve is on the game one it was really long and it got boing after a while so I think they should all be 1 minuet max. Other wise I think everyone did a good job and they all Spoke clearly and knew what they were going to say

  4. I think that most of them were interesting and the first words people said pulled me in. But some of them weren't interesting and were boring so please add some enthusiasm next time. Liam's was pretty good but at the end they didn't need all that profile things. Amazing guys!
    By Emma

  5. Tom your video was good but the person recording was talking to much like a lot

  6. I love the video. BUT................ The league of legends was abit long and I lost intrest pretty fast. Feedback: almost everyone played a part and the art corner and science swag were the bomb
    Feedforward: we need to put more impact into the video.

    Olivia b :)

  7. I liked that everyone stepped up and had a lot more expression. Feedfoward: next time you could speak a tiny bit quieter because some people were right next to the speaker and it made some noise

  8. I like how everyone used nice clear voices and how everyone spoke with enthusiasm. I think we can improve by not having any backround sound.


  9. I think it was good but next time the game corner could put the screen on the page that we were reading from

  10. Well Done, This is big a big improvement from our 1st video! Keep it up. The group that made the video lol ( League of legends) it was very informing but next time you should aim to make it shorter! It was very clear though. Also toms video, someone was coughing at the start and they were talking through out the video! You were very clear too though.

  11. True, true everybody! LoL had a good intro but I think we should have just left it there. It would have been great to see some sort of video of the game play, while you were talking. This could have made it more interesting to watch.


  12. FeedBack
    Everyone had a nice clear voice
    Everyone found a nice quite place to record
    Most of the clips were shot wich made the video a bit shorter because no one wants to whach a 30 minute videoed people babbling on and one about stuff, and I'm babbling about this sentence so it ends about noooow.

    People should make a sricpt so they don't say as many uhhs and ums
    Don't make it to long or it gets boring
    Say the basics of whatever your saying and don't go babbling on about deeper things( Beacuse it gets boring)
    Get pictures of what you are saying.