Saturday, 22 October 2016

Being persuasive! Writing and Oral Language

As you do, I came across this hilarious trademe auction in the weekend and it appeared to fit our "learning to persuade" genre perfectly!  The above example is kind of like persuading to entertain... but it has been hugely funny persuading people to buy a useless item.  One person was trying to sell me! Any way, these are some success criteria when writing to persuade.  

Copy and paste your writing to the comments section so we can read and laugh at each others!  


  1. Sports players are dumb? How? Messi is the best player in the world and he needs to think tactically. He is an attacker and so he needs to score goals and to assist. To be good at this, he needs to be intelligent!

    Here's another piece of evidence, teachers need to be smart because they need to teach kids, and Troy, Stephen and Kelly are good at sports and they are smart.

    You are convinced now? Because that comment was an OUTRAGE!

    By Houston

  2. Here is my persuasive writing I am persuading you to buy a useless item
    This tissue...Isn't just any tissue it's a SNOTTY TISSUE! And you wanna know who's snot it is...It's MINE! You need this in your life It's like the child you never had! Except you don't have to put up with all it wants and need and bladdedadeda! Cause I know my sister's are pretty needy! So have you ever wanted a child but you don't have all the time in world to look after it? The answer is a snotty tissue! So think about for a minute... you know you want to.

  3. The Useless Apple Core

    You know you want it. This apple core is not any old apple core. It’s an apple core with a worm farm inside! It’s an apple core with the pet you have always wanted. You also get lots of them. Do you hate buying everything for an animal a house and everything well this apple core can live in your garden and stay home alone and doesn’t even wine it’s always happy. For the cheap price of $23.00 you can have the pet you have always wanted. Just come and get the best offer NOW! Offer ends SUNDAY!

  4. Writing: this is an outrageous. You say that people with blue eyes are better than people with brown eyes I think that you are just jealous because some people are born with brown eyes. I declare that you are wrong. I bet that if your son had brown eyes you wouldn't be saying this if I could change the color of everyone's eye's then I would make everyone have brown eyes and we would argue against you . What I am trying to say is that you might be jealous but I argue that you are wrong