Thursday, 17 March 2016

Friday's Goal

What a great start to our goal focus today in Poutama.  Have you had the opportunity to browse through the tweets on the sidebar?  I'm sure you will enjoy reading through them.  

Today you have walked the walked, now can you talk the talk (make any changes that you need to make)?

Friday's goal is...

To make good choices about your independent learning activities so you can meet the weekly requirements.
We think that we will see...
* People being drivers and sitting next to drivers
* People being on task
* People being courageous learners - some of us need to be by ourselves.
* People being focused on their learning
* People showing active listening

We think that we will hear...
* low flow hum
* on task talk
* people responding to learning conversations
* silence is golden in some areas
* good questions being asked
* conversations about learning

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