Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Tuesday's Goal

Our goal today is:

"To use and move around the learning space using appropriate volume with an awareness of other learners."

We think that this is an important goal so that people can concentrate and get their work done. We think that this goal will help us to focus and get our work done.

We think that this will sound different at different times of the day.  We might hear a low flow hum so that just the people around you can hear.  We might hear formal normal so that a big group can hear.  We might hear loud crowd if we are presenting to the whole class.   We might hear silence is golden when you are in flow.  We will hear on-task talking.

We will be aware of people around us and if they are in the flow of their learning, we won't disturb them from this.  We want to help people be a driver not a blocker.

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