Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Guess what...

Now that we are back from camp, we are starting something new!  We will be having a Poutama goal of the day.  We will be talking about it, pulling it apart, looking for it, reflecting on it and aiming for it!  

Our first goal is....

To be ready to listen, share and contribute when you join the class or a group.

What examples will we have of this tomorrow?  Who will shine?  Who will we learn from?  What will the result be when we do this together?

Watch our Twitter accounts (on the sidebar) for our reflections just before lunch each day.

We decided that this will look and sound like the following:

Look like
  • Looking at the person talking (active listening)
  • Everyone contributing
  • Silent hands
  • You are prepared with everything you need
  • Sitting in places where I know I can focus
  • Taking turns, being patient

Sounds like:

  • Asking questions
  • Quiet (or one person talking at a time)
  • Collaborating, talking to each other,
  • Low flow hum / focused and on task
  • “Piggy backing” ideas or adding to others’ ideas
  • Sounds like giving comments / feedback / feedforward
  • Accepting ideas

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