Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Links for Percussion Games

At music we have been learning about percussion. Jenny showed us some games online that help with rhythm and beat. Check them out. It might be fun to learn some or make up your own!

If some of you can learn the cup song pattern and teach it to me I’d be really
Boom snap clap b-boom snap clap snap boom snap clap b-boom snap shh!
Hand game sevens
bim bum
example of a choreographed hand clap skit
cup song tutorial – the singing isn’t in tune but the first part of the clip is nice and clear
Movie clip – this has great ideas for slightly different things that can be done with
the cups – and the song is perfect
cup song in Ireland

This is one we learned at music this week...


  1. Doing this kind of music is really fun.

  2. I remember this we were learning about Percussion. We had so much fun.
    Thanks for teaching us how to use Percussion jenny.