Saturday, 15 March 2014

Poutama Camp 1

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Camp is cool. It is a great opportunity to have some fun and enjoy being outdoors. You can face your fears and take on activities that you enjoy. At camp you will make new friends and get alongside some people you have not spent time with before. With the caving we got to see so many cool insects like weta’s, crayfish and spiders . Some people got scared of the insects, and clung to adults. Some people got stuck in tiny spaces and some people hit there head like we did, lucky that we had our helmets on. Abseiling is really scary when you are at the top but when you have done it you feel really proud of yourself. Your hands are black and tired, your sweating and your heart is beating like thunder in your chest. The instructors encouragement and people down the bottom calling in support made it easier. The air rifles were hard to get on to the target. Lining up the green and red dots on the target was challenging. We learnt how to aim and all about safety. Encouraging yourself, being relaxed and striving for your best all helps get a better score. Earth-boards are fast as they zoom down the hill. The hill is quite steep so be careful not to crash! It is really hard to manoeuvre and you need your arms and feet to turn. Year 3 and 4 students you are going to love camp. You will get to try some things that you have never ever done, and make even more friends. Have a great camp in 2016. For more images see the link. Corban and Zac, (Poutama Camp 1 2014)

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