Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Reading with Nic's Whanau Class

During the last 3 weeks, Nic's reading group have been looking into some texts about caving. We were looking at caving because we will be visiting a cave system when we go on camp. So this week, the children who were in Nic's reading group led their own reading groups with the rest of Nic's whanau class. In green, we discussed what makes a perfect reading lesson?

We then broke off into different spaces with different groups and began our reading groups. Check out these movie snippets I captured!

We ended our session by what the learners learnt from their session.  The "teachers" then gave their group feedback about their reading group. The over all message taken from this experience is that we need to take responsibility when entering the cave system because "mother natures takes a long time to create caves and stalactites and we need to respect that".

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