Thursday, 20 March 2014

Writing Progress: WALT Edit

You might be noticing that this week there are one, two or more posts on your child(ren)'s blogs about their writing. We have been focusing on editing our writing. As year 5s and 6s, it is an expectation that we are working towards "choosing the right word/phrase to use at the right time" (Murray Gadd, 2013). This means that we should be experimenting using different vocabulary eg, words instead of said - argued, hinted, etc., and arranging words within sentences eg, He sat down silently. Silently, he sat down. Down he sat silently.

This morning we worked on the first paragraph of Kobe's story.  Check it out:

Camp writing

As I walk stumbled wobble over to the tower, my legs feel like are jelly. What am I doing here? I’m gonna die! I convince myself. I walk inched my way over to Kelly, the instructor. She talks calmly explained describes a little bit about Abseiling to my group. We put on our harnesses. And we wait. And wait.

So we should expect to see a lot of words crossed out, different colours, brackets, spelling errors and underlines at the moment. This is so we (educators) can see the choices the students have explored. Parents we invite you to also give feedback and feedforward to your child/ren - how are they going towards meeting the success criteria?

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading your writing about camp Poutama kids. I hope I can see how you have modified and improved your writing, much like Nic. I can see how he has dressed up his language to ensure I don't miss how wonderful the experiences were.