Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A Dog with Self Agency?

Do you think that this dog would be welcome at our school? She is demonstrating one of our three main values that we want of all students to develop while being at Russell Street School.

Don't believe me, then have a read of this article called Going Solo and we would love to hear your thoughts about it so post a comment below to spark some discussion.


  1. Amazing little dog! I think that she defiantly should be able to come to our school. It would be easy for her to catch the school bus! She is very talented, fitting in well with our agency focus.


  2. Wow! That dog showed such agency, I would love to meet her!!! She is a very good role model for other dogs as well as students!!! Maybe next time you could see if she could drive a car ;)

  3. What an intellegant canine! She sounds like brilliant role model. She should learn how to go to the shops, buy something and take it back to her owner by bus.


  4. This dog is half human. She is a beautiful black Labrador with a big heart. She could end up being a famous taxi driver. I want a dog like that!

    Olivia B

  5. Eclipse is very smart, intelligent dog, I would let her come to russell street school because all the students how to act and how to be an amazing role model to all students!
    By Emma

  6. Wow that dog has a lot of agency, I wish I had a dog like that.:) Logan