Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Vote for Dave Charnley's (Jett's Dad) Amazing Architecture

Dave Charnley needs our support in the the upcoming 2015 Resene NZILA (New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects) Pride of Place Rewards. Dave has assisted with our Seed 2 Table programme at school, Coached sports teams and has been an awesome parent help at camp too.

He has created an amazing garden named 'Aotearoa' in the city of Jinzhou, China. It was selected among 19 other international designs from a global design competition undertaken. An estimated 10 million visitors visited the garden during the months of May - Oct 2013. During that time visitors were asked to vote on the top three Exhibition Gardens, in which the project was awarded 2nd place overall.  

He needs you to please vote at home (the votes are registered off your IP address and if we do it within the school domain, we all have the same IP so it will say we have already voted)

All you need to do is click on the link and look at Dave's fine workmanship and scroll to the bottom and click 'APPRECIATE'

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