Monday, 23 February 2015

Austin's Butterfly

Today we looked at the importance of Feedback and Feed forward. We watched a clip about a 6 year old boys scientific drawing of a butterfly. Through specific feedback and feedforward from his friend's, Austin was able to improve his picture over 6 drafts to come up with an amazing final piece.

We thought that the characteristics and attitude of Austin helped him to take on his friends feedback to improve his picture.

He showed: persistence, determination, and the understanding of the 'power of yet'. He knew he could get better he just hadn't got their on his first draft!

Following this we updated a post we had made by getting a learning buddy to give us some specific feedback and feed forward.

Feedback= what you have done well
Feed forward= what you could improve

Check out some of the blogs for examples of our first go at giving specific feedback and feed forward.

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