Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Geometry Rotation

Today in Poutama we started our first round of Geometry Rotations. With Troy we looked at Shapes and their properties. 
Today we explored Symmetry by creating new shapes by making cuts into a folded piece of newspaper and then unfolding it.
We learned that for a shape to be symmetrical, it must be exactly the same on either side of the line that you cut it through. Some shapes can have more than one line of symmetry.
Our challenge with a buddy was to make 3 different shapes with 3 sides in one bit of newspaper, 3 different shapes with 4 sides and 3 different shapes with more than 4 sides.
It was tougher than you think!!  
Here is us with our end results:

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  1. Great can't wait to hear some of your learning keep up the exploring shapes are everywhere.
    connor's Mum