Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Stuck on the Escalator

On Monday, we watched a really funny movie about 2 people who get stuck on an escalator. Have you seen it?


We think that we can relate the message in this movie to our learning...Its like being stuck in our learning, we need to ask for help and we need to look for ways to solve the problem ourselves. We thought it would be fun to make our own movie to get this message across. We had 2 groups of criteria for our movie...

Criteria: (Content)
  • Video - 30 seconds long, time is limited. 
  • Scenario - Show someone being stuck and not using the ability to act. 
  • Clear Message - Short sharp clip. Can the watcher get the point of your video?
  • Unique - Coming up with something funny that gets a laugh from others. 
  • Time Passing - Do you need to show time passing in your clip to emphasise your message. 

Criteria: (Movie)
  • Light - Make sure the sun isn’t creating a hard to see clip. 
  • Voice Volume - Needs to be louder than other background volume eg Noise, Kids.
  • Frame - What’s in the frame to make your message obvious. 
  • Steady Hands - Make sure the camera is still. 
  • Individual Clips - Don’t do one continuous shot of 30 seconds. Make a range of short clips and join together. 

Here are 3 examples of our finished clips. What do you think?


We hope to share more on our individual blogs soon!


  1. To Hannah, Sophie B and Sophie W,
    I think that your video is really cool and that Sophie didn't actually press print!
    I think what you guys could do to improve is make the message more clear and more entertaining.
    It is really imortant to make it clear because lot's of people press cancel instead of print so that can show a really good example.

  2. Well Done! Hannah, Sophie B and Sophie W I really like your video it has good volume and for me it is a clear message. The thing you could work on is maybe the light.

    I really like how you made time pass through, spinning around on the chair. I also think it is very unique.

  3. to the dark
    I liked your voice you sounded like you were worried.
    You can improve the time a little bit shorter.
    You should keep the light off because it will be really funny.

  4. Hey the message when your not looking for the light switch. But it was a bit heard to figure it out. I reckon that Fletchers group could do something to show that time is pasting. But nice acting Fletcher.

  5. Fleacher next time try not to jump around to much no one can really understand you

  6. For Gabys video, I think it is very entertaining. And you camera work is really good. Maybe next time you could make it a bit more funny so that it is even more better!