Friday, 27 February 2015


From garden to table we have been learning about all the is involved. 

We love Seed2tTable!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Puffy Paint

This afternoon Troy's Whanau class made puffy paint to create texture on the clouds that we need for our Poutama Waka mural. Here is the recipe if you would like to try making some at home.
Come into Poutama to see how our mural is getting on. We look forward to sharing the final piece with you soon!

Badminton team

6 players from Poutama make up pur RSS badminton team. 

It's the second round this season and already they are showing improvement. 

Welldone Jeffery, Luke, Juven, Memphis, Finis, Mitchell! 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Geometry Rotation

Today in Poutama we started our first round of Geometry Rotations. With Troy we looked at Shapes and their properties. 
Today we explored Symmetry by creating new shapes by making cuts into a folded piece of newspaper and then unfolding it.
We learned that for a shape to be symmetrical, it must be exactly the same on either side of the line that you cut it through. Some shapes can have more than one line of symmetry.
Our challenge with a buddy was to make 3 different shapes with 3 sides in one bit of newspaper, 3 different shapes with 4 sides and 3 different shapes with more than 4 sides.
It was tougher than you think!!  
Here is us with our end results:

Home Learning Expectations

Kia ora whanau!

Did you receive the letter outlining home learning expectations?

Click here for more information

Monday, 23 February 2015

Austin's Butterfly

Today we looked at the importance of Feedback and Feed forward. We watched a clip about a 6 year old boys scientific drawing of a butterfly. Through specific feedback and feedforward from his friend's, Austin was able to improve his picture over 6 drafts to come up with an amazing final piece.

We thought that the characteristics and attitude of Austin helped him to take on his friends feedback to improve his picture.

He showed: persistence, determination, and the understanding of the 'power of yet'. He knew he could get better he just hadn't got their on his first draft!

Following this we updated a post we had made by getting a learning buddy to give us some specific feedback and feed forward.

Feedback= what you have done well
Feed forward= what you could improve

Check out some of the blogs for examples of our first go at giving specific feedback and feed forward.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Geometry Challenge

While Ebony's class were at Seed 2 Table, Elly and Troy's class did a Geometry Challenge. It involved lots of listening, speaking and collaborating. We had to make a shape using the multi link cubes and explain it using mathematical language. The only problem was we had to sit back to back so that we couldn't see what our buddy was doing. It's harder than you think and we had to be clear communicators! Try it at home with other objects you might find around the house. Here is us in action...
Zara and Bella working together well.
Brennan and Logan concentrating hard.
Mitch and Kyan trying to get in sync. 
Well done Luke and Jayden, you achieved success!
Oh dear what happened Rileigh and Jazmine? 

Swimming with our buddies

We have had a great time with our buddies today in the pool. We shared and showed our learning goals and then played a cool game that Kelly's class taught us.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Stuck on the Escalator

On Monday, we watched a really funny movie about 2 people who get stuck on an escalator. Have you seen it?


We think that we can relate the message in this movie to our learning...Its like being stuck in our learning, we need to ask for help and we need to look for ways to solve the problem ourselves. We thought it would be fun to make our own movie to get this message across. We had 2 groups of criteria for our movie...

Criteria: (Content)
  • Video - 30 seconds long, time is limited. 
  • Scenario - Show someone being stuck and not using the ability to act. 
  • Clear Message - Short sharp clip. Can the watcher get the point of your video?
  • Unique - Coming up with something funny that gets a laugh from others. 
  • Time Passing - Do you need to show time passing in your clip to emphasise your message. 

Criteria: (Movie)
  • Light - Make sure the sun isn’t creating a hard to see clip. 
  • Voice Volume - Needs to be louder than other background volume eg Noise, Kids.
  • Frame - What’s in the frame to make your message obvious. 
  • Steady Hands - Make sure the camera is still. 
  • Individual Clips - Don’t do one continuous shot of 30 seconds. Make a range of short clips and join together. 

Here are 3 examples of our finished clips. What do you think?


We hope to share more on our individual blogs soon!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Vote for Dave Charnley's (Jett's Dad) Amazing Architecture

Dave Charnley needs our support in the the upcoming 2015 Resene NZILA (New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects) Pride of Place Rewards. Dave has assisted with our Seed 2 Table programme at school, Coached sports teams and has been an awesome parent help at camp too.

He has created an amazing garden named 'Aotearoa' in the city of Jinzhou, China. It was selected among 19 other international designs from a global design competition undertaken. An estimated 10 million visitors visited the garden during the months of May - Oct 2013. During that time visitors were asked to vote on the top three Exhibition Gardens, in which the project was awarded 2nd place overall.  

He needs you to please vote at home (the votes are registered off your IP address and if we do it within the school domain, we all have the same IP so it will say we have already voted)

All you need to do is click on the link and look at Dave's fine workmanship and scroll to the bottom and click 'APPRECIATE'

Monday, 16 February 2015

Titi Torea

For those of us who don't go to Kapa Haka in the Ranginui team, we have been gettin involved in our own Maori Culture Programme. 
Those that have been working with Troy have been learning the song "E Papa Waiari" and the actions to it using Rakau (wooden sticks) made of rolled up magazines.
We learnt a lot in our first session and look forward to learning more harder activities next week.
Here are some photos showing you guys how awesome we are:

Sunday, 15 February 2015

2015 Year 6's!

What a fabulous bunch of Year 6's we have this year. We are really looking forward to you all stepping up into your new leadership roles! 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Us and our buddies

We had a wonderful time meeting with our buddies yesterday. We started making a venn diagram to help us discover things that we like that we have in common and things that are different. We are really excited to be working with the Dream Team (Year 3's in Room 9) this year!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A Dog with Self Agency?

Do you think that this dog would be welcome at our school? She is demonstrating one of our three main values that we want of all students to develop while being at Russell Street School.

Don't believe me, then have a read of this article called Going Solo and we would love to hear your thoughts about it so post a comment below to spark some discussion.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Welcome to 2015!

Welcome back to 2015!  It was wonderful to see all of your happy faces today and exciting to think about the learning that we have ahead of us this year.  My only regret of the day was that I forgot to take any photos - we were way too busy for that!  

Here is a link to the Ranginui Team Term 1 Newsletter that we gave to you today.  Did you remember to give it to your families?

Remember to make sure that you have your hat, stationery and book bags sorted for tomorrow.